How to use my blog

There are different ways you can use my blog.

The most common one is adding it to your bookmarks. And then you’ll forget about it forever.

Another one is waiting for my posts to be shared on Facebook, Diaspora, Linkedin, Wechat, Twitter. And you’ll probably miss most of them because of the incredible amount of noise polluting those social media.

And then another (much better) way is using an RSS reader.

RSS are since ever the most simple, innovative and real free means to follow something online. That’s probably why you won’t find them properly implemented by social networks… they’re so free that even Google gave up on them shutting down its Google Reader service years ago.

I’m using Feedly to follow without problems dozens of websites, focusing on the news and articles i really care about in a very fast way.

I organized my websites in categories and i called one of these categories “Friend’s websites and blogs”. In this way, every time one person i personally know publishes something, i will be notified immediately about his/her new post.

If you’re reading this article, i hope you’ll be doing the same one day with my blog. The link is, in case you’ll need it 😉







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